Blacksmith House, Wooden Knife

Talking with the only one who might know what you want to do, yourself

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
George Bernard Shaw

Write. I want to write. But how is the part I want to talk about with you.

The last stories I wrote are knowledge-based sparked with different degrees of my being.

If you read the titles, you will see they are about questions I asked myself.

The questions are:

  • How can I be original?
  • How can I stand out?
  • How can I create my content creator strategy?

As the old saying goes, the answers were in my heart. Well, actually, in my head.

Thus I answered myself with accumulated knowledge and experience.

Now, get ready because I will shamelessly self-promote my stories and justify them as necessary to make clear my point.

Hey, it has a purpose. The purpose is to show you how I answered my questions.

After the self-promotion, I will talk about a couple of ideas I have in mind to see what you think.

This was the answer to: How can I be original?

This was the answer to: How can I stand out?

This was the answer to How can I create my content creator strategy?

Funny enough, we often sin of giving the best of us to others, and we neglect ourselves.

I summarize these behaviors in the saying:

“Blacksmith house, wooden knife”

The Ego Dilemma

“Therapist’s dilemma: those who need help the most, run the farthest from it.”
Jonathan Kellerman, Time Bomb

First of all, I feel happy I wrote in Start it up and Curious. I won't lie I feel proud about it because they are huge publications on this platform.

However, I am well aware I got in because of the huge value emanating from the knowledge I put inside those stories.

Even though I admit, I love the humor in the story with the polar bear image, the imagery in the one with the jumping guy, and the powerful strength of the one with the SWAT guys image.

Anyway, The thing is, those pieces don't have the voice you are reading now.

I enjoy writing stuff that is free-thinking like this one:

I also enjoy writing more random artistic like this one:

The More Likely Thing I Will Do

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
Mae West

I need a house. A writing house. I will start my own publication to house all my work I don't send to specific fitting publications because of the content.

I will sit down and follow my own advice and develop my content creator strategy, and when I have a clear strategy, I will go ahead or not with the publication.

Does it make sense?

I even think it will have three sections: One brain-oriented, the other more heart-oriented, and one for guests. That is why you have to keep your ego in check because you start thinking about having guests in your publication.

The thing is that for things to be sustainable in the long run we have to enjoy them.

We often focused so much on the success that we forget to please the guy working so much, ourselves.

After all, life is about enjoying the ride.

Do you stop to ask yourself what brings you pleasure and satisfaction?

Take care of yourself you deserve it.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
Bernard M. Baruch

Writing and sharing notes and tips I learn by doing my writing. You might end up giving better use to the tips and notes than I do. M.Fin. & MBA.

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